Distance Education and Professional Studies Department

A department in the Teacher Education Division


Introduction & History

This programme a full–time study and undertaken in three years following the 3-3-3 cycle, where students do an initial three terms on campus, three terms of Teaching Practice, and a final three terms on campus.

Entry Requirements:

This programmes requires one to have five (5) ‘O’ Level passes which include English and Mathematics as mandatory subjects.

Curriculum on Offer:

 Teaching Practice  Theory of Education  Professional Studies Syllabus A  Professional Studies Syllabus C

Mr M. MoyoHead of Department : Distance Education and Professional Studies Department
Mrs C. HlerukaLecturer In Charge : Modules and Assignments
Mr M. DubeLecturer in Charge : Professional Studies
Mrs T. SumbureroLecturer In Charge : Teaching Practice
Mr C. Nyama Lecturer In Charge : Research

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