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All programmes are full–time study and undertaken in three years following the 3-3-3 cycle, where students do an initial three terms on campus, three terms of Teaching Practice, and a final three terms on campus.

Division Mandate

The Mandate of the Division is to produce qualified Early Childhood Carers, Primary and Secondary (Science) teachers for the school system.

Division Mission Statement

To provide high calibre Early Childhood Development carers, Primary School and Secondary Teacher Education leading to the attainment of the Diploma in Education (Primary) or Diploma in Early Childhood Development or the Diploma Education (Secondary-Science) in association with the University of Zimbabwe.
The Division’s mission requires the adoption of three-year programmes whose objectives are to:
  • educate and train students in content and skills in all subjects offered in the Primary School and the Sciences in the Secondary School;
  • enable students to analyse worldwide theories of education through praxis;
  • enable students to carry out an in-depth study in one selected subject offered by the division;
  • expose students to a mentorship based teaching practicum period which is intended to produce an effective classroom practitioner;
  • inculcate in students, values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and cultural interests in accordance with the national philosophy and,
  • equip students with skills to carry out research aimed at solving practical problems in communities they live in.

Training Model

The college follows a  3-3-3 model of teacher training in which student teachers are at college in their first year (3 terms), go on Teaching Practice in the second year (3 terms), and are a college in the third and final year (3 terms). 


Our Departments

The Division of Teacher Education offers the following programmes: • Diploma in Education (Primary) – General • Diploma in Education (Primary) – Early Childhood Development • Diploma in Education (Secondary) -Science

Early Childhood Development Department

Courses on offer:

-Theory of Early Childhood Development
-Professional Studies Syllabus A

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Practical Subjects Department

Courses on offer:

-Physical Education & Sport
-HE (Textiles & Food and Nutrition)
-Art and Design

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Sciences Department

Courses on offer:

-Environmental Science
-Information Communication Technology

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Distance Education and Professional Studies Department

Courses on offer:

-Teaching Practice
-Theory of Education
-Professional Studies Syllabus A
-Professional Studies Syllabus C

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Languages and Humanities Department

A . Languages 

Courses on offer:


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B. Humanities 

Courses on offer:

-Religious and Moral Education
-Social Studies
-National and Strategic  Studies
-Health and Life Skills

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Mr Patrick SenderayiHead Of Division : Teacher Education
Mrs L DUBE Head of Department : Early Childhood Development Department
MR M MOYOH.O.D : Distance Education and Professional Studies Department
MRS L SONGOActing Head of Department : : Practical Subjects Department
Mr C.Q. MlotshwaHead of Department : Languages and Humanities Department
MR G MPOFUHead of Department : Sciences Department

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